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Emerson Exhibition Project

During the early spring, students from Mrs. LeDuc's 5th grade class at Emerson Elementary in Owosso embarked on a project. The objective was to meet Mrs. LeDuc's challenge by identifying a community or global issue and creating an action plan. Many students expressed concerns about the environment, leading them to explore topics such as climate change, air pollution, and ocean plastics. After careful consideration, they decided to focus on pollutants, particularly plastics entering the ocean. They questioned their origin and path to the ocean.

The students discovered that plastics discarded on streets, in neighborhoods, and along city roads do not remain in these locations. Rain and wind transport plastic waste into streams, rivers, and drainage systems, ultimately reaching the oceans. This realization sparked their interest. They began researching local organizations dedicated to protecting the Shiawassee River. They contacted the Friends of the Shiawassee River to explore ways to contribute to their cause.

Collaborating with Mrs. LeDuc, the students initiated their plan by creating rubber band bracelets, which they sold to their peers during lunch. Simultaneously, they expressed their creativity by producing eight original pieces of river-themed art for notecards. With $170 in profits from bracelet sales and their artwork, they met with the local printing company, Speedy Print.                                       

"The students take great pride in their work and aim to raise $850.00 for The Friends of the Shiawassee River through the sale of their unique notecards," stated Terry LeDuc, the 5th-grade teacher at Emerson. "This project showcases the potential of empowered and supported students."

The notecards will be available for purchase on the Friends of the Shiawassee River's website until they are sold out. Orders must be picked up at the Friends of the Shiawassee River office. Notecards may be picked up at our office each Monday from 9am-3pm. Our office is located at 538 N. Shiawassee Street, Corunna MI 48817

Contact Us:

Phone: (989) 723-9062

Mailing Address:

Friends of the Shiawassee River
PO Box 402
Owosso, MI  48867

Office Address:

Friends of the Shiawassee River
538 N Shiawassee Street
Corunna, MI  48817

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